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How many people do you know that , as they get older, make comments such as “I’m not having a birthday this year” or “I’m not having anymore birthdays”? Really? I mean, seriously, do they even know what they’re saying when they speak those words? Oh sure, I know most people that say those things are ‘just kidding’ or trying to be funny, but, I am convinced that we need to be extremely careful with our words and what we speak over ourselves.

I am getting to know one lady (through Twitter, Facebook and some of her other friends) that I’d be willing to bet is more than excited to let you know that today is her birthday! Her name is Joanne Heim and she suffered a stroke on January 11 of this year. Oh the miracles that God has done in and through this woman! He is healing her in ways that are astounding the doctors and He is using her situation to bring others (including myself) even closer to Him and His plans for their lives. I haven’t personally heard of any yet, but I would not be surprised to find out that there are some who have come to know Him as their own, personal Savior because of what He has done in her life. Oh and her own testimony through it all is extraordinary! I can’t even begin to describe all the excitement that was felt in the “Twitterverse” on Feb. 22 when our sweet Joanne started tweeting to us!!! Yes, just a little over a month after what she’d been through, here she was sending out tweets to everyone! God is not only good, He is THE Physician and I love watching Him show off through her.

So, even though I’ve never personally met her, I just know that our sweet Joanne is more than happy to shout from the rooftops that today is her birthday and she is very happy to be here to celebrate! Also, she gets a very special present today – she will be moving from the hospital to rehab – one step closer to being home with her wonderful husband and girls!

If you have never heard of Joanne, you can check out her blog at – I guarantee you will be blessed beyond measure!

And, remember – when your birthday comes around this year – BE THANKFUL and CELEBRATE WITH JOY that God has given you another year ūüôā

No, I don’t…..or do I? I started hearing about a conference called “She Speaks” some time last year. I was a bit intrigued by it but I assumed it was meant for women speakers. Apparently, I was very wrong in that assumption. From what I¬†read on Lysa TerKeurst’s blog this morning, it is oh so much more! She definitely piqued my interest. It is not only for speakers, but for writers and Women’s Ministry leaders. Please click here¬†and get all the information.

When I am reading blogs posted by others and their pages all look so nice and ‘professional’, I don’t even consider myself to be “one of them”. I don’t write¬†every day but, usually, when I do write something, it is because God has put it on my heart. I know that my blogs aren’t ‘polished’ – I just speak¬† the only way I know how, from my heart.

However, when I read what Lysa had shared about the She Speaks¬†conference, I felt a stirring. I have been praying and asking God to show me what I need to do, if He is indeed calling me to¬†women’s ministry. I know that I need training but have no clue how to go about getting that training when I have no funds to pay for it.

Then He put this contest in front of me by way of Lysa’s blog. I know the challenge is from Him because, as I was reading it, I was saying all the reasons I could never do it. “My blog isn’t ‘professional-looking’. I don’t know how to ‘link’ back to the things she was saying we needed to link to” and on and on came the excuses. That’s when I realized it was the enemy trying yet again to keep me from pursuing what God has called me to.

I volunteered to work at an Extraordinary Women’s conference last year for the first time ever. It was because of that experience that I began to feel God pulling me in the direction of women’s ministry. I enjoyed it so much that I volunteered at two more conferences that same year and have signed up to work at three of them this year.

Obtaining this scholarship would allow me to pursue some of the training that I feel I need in order to become an effective women’s ministry leader. To be honest, I have never thought of myself as a leader but I am learning that God does not call us for our ability. He calls us for our AVAILability and then HE gives us what we need, to do what He asks us to do.

If I were to win this scholarship, I’m sure that I would be just as ecstatic as my daughter was this morning when she found out that she had been accepted at Auburn University!

Now, off to see if I can figure out how to ‘post a button’ on my blog site ūüôā

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