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I arrived early for the Volunteers’ Meeting at the Extraordinary Women Conference in Macon, Georgia and decided to spend some time in prayer. I prayed for the volunteers, speakers, musicians, attendees and then I asked God to place me where He wanted me every minute of the conference. I told Him I wanted Him to use me wherever He wanted to use me.

After we seperated into our different “groups” of volunteers (Product tables, Greeters, Encouragers, etc.), I knew He was already answering my prayer. One of the Encouragers told us that she did not have a hotel room yet so, if we knew anyone that was looking to share that expense, please let her know. I knew that I was to offer and I told her she was welcome to stay in the room with me and my daughter, if she didn’t find anything else. She took me up on that offer and we had a wonderful chat last night after we got back to the room.

You may be asking, “But what does that have to do with complaining all the way to your blessing?” Well, I’m getting to that next. Part of our job as Encouragers is to walk around the arena before the doors open and pray over all the ladies (and a few men) that will be attending and pray for the speakers and performers, also. I went into the arena, walked up and down every row of chairs on the floor and prayed for the women that would be filling those seats. Then I moved on to the product table area and some of the higher seats. When I finished, I went and sat down in a chair on the floor up front. I was working on something when these two ladies (who were not volunteers) walked up and asked if the seats were reserved. I told them they were not and that they could sit anywhere they wanted. They just could not get over it! One of the ladies just kept going on and on about how she couldn’t believe they were going to get to sit right up front! She was telling me that she thought they weren’t even supposed to be in yet. They had come from the Marriott Hotel (which is attached to the Civic Center) and it just took them right inside! She said they got to one door and it was locked but a Security Guard let them in. She said she had been “fussing” (complaining) all the way over because they weren’t seeing any other ladies or anyone else and were beginning to wonder if they’d been sent the wrong direction! “And we get here and are blessed with FRONT ROW seats!!! I just can’t believe this!” she kept saying.

A few minutes later, the Encouragers had come back together down front and we were gonna all have prayer together for the conference. The lady that had been speaking with me asked if they could join in and I said sure! As soon as that woman began praying, I knew that these ladies were not there by “accident”! I could tell that this woman had an annointing! When we finished our prayer time, I turned and asked her if she would like to volunteer as an Encourager at this conference. She said she would. I called the Team Leader over and let her know that this lady wanted to volunteer (and we had two or three Encouragers that had not shown up). I told her we would need to let Amy know and she said, “Well, there’s Amy right behind you.” Coincidence? I think not! Amy said she would get her a volunteer badge and, since the lady had already paid for a ticket, they would give her a certificate to spend at the E-Women Product table!

Oh yes, you guessed it – another Divine Appointment of God. This lady was telling me how she was now feeling bad because she had complained all the way over to the event and was receiving such a blessing! I told her, “Isn’t that just like us sometimes in even BIGGER things? God has such a blessing for us on the other side of whatever trouble we may be going through; but, we are so busy complaining and griping (or fussing) about what we’re going through that when we DO get to our blessing, we almost feel guilty for receiving it!

Puts me in mind of how the people complained when Moses was leading them through the wilderness. How about you? Are you going through troubles right now? Are you complaining? Do you think that maybe God is leading you to a great big blessing on the other side? Makes me think that I need to learn to PRAISE Him in ALL my circumstances, as He tells us in His Word. I definitely need to work on this area. Am I alone or are there others out there that need to work on this also?

I pray that you will be blessed even today, no matter what you may be having to walk through.

Love you all!


Are you serious? You really want me to write a story in only six words? Well, okay then. This is how badly I want to win a scholarship for the She Speaks Conference – I’m willing to give it a shot. If you want to learn more about the She Speaks Conference, click the link on the right side of my page. Now, on to my story……..


So, if that story makes you curious and you’d like to read more about it, please visit my friend, Ayla’s blog here. Leave her a comment and let her know you read it, then come back here and let me know if you were able to read it without it affecting you at all.

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