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My daughter is driving us to work/school this week. Her friend had given her a ‘contraption’ to plug into her tape player that enables her to listen to her IPOD in the car. Tuesday morning on our way in she asked if I minded if she turned it on. I told her it would be fine. We listened to a few songs, she skipped some making the remark that ‘they aren’t really bad but you wouldn’t like them’ and then one came on by Taylor Swift. My daughter made a remark then that I didn’t think much about at the time. However, it kept re-playing over and over in my head during the day and I began to wonder why. So, I started thinking about it and I realized the Lord was asking the question, “Who sets your standard? The world or Me?” WOW!

My daughter made an ‘innocent’ statement that all of us probably at one time or another has made, myself included. Her statement that morning was “Candace Bure listens to Taylor Swift’s music, so it’s okay.” Now, not saying that we have all made that particular statement; but, some very similar, I’m sure. We tend to think of people – famous or not – that we think “have it all together” or are “more spiritual” than we are and we think that if they do or say something then that MUST mean it is okay.

Can anyone relate to what I’m talking about? Now, I’m not saying that it is NOT okay to listen to Taylor Swift. The songs of hers that I HAVE heard are very innocent. I’m simply saying that we have got to quit looking to what others do as a way to judge if something is okay for us or not.

The same way that we should not use ourselves as a measuring stick, “We do not dare to compare ourselves with those who think they are very important. They use themselves to measure themselves, and they judge themselves by what they themselves are. This shows that they know nothing.” {II Corinthians 10:12 NCV} No, we need to measure ourselves “according to the measure of the rule which God hath distributed to us” {v. 13} instead.

So, maybe this was simply for me today or maybe it was meant for someone reading this to also ask themself the same question, “Who sets my standard? Me? My peers? Or do I allow Christ to set my standard, as it should be?”

Tomorrow I am going to start something new. I am making a lifestyle change. I am DETERMINED to do this. Most of you know that a while back I lost 54 pounds by counting my calories, walking 30 mins each day and drinking my eight glasses of water each day. Then, with the divorce and everything else going on, I got physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted and QUIT doing those things – and I gained back almost everything I’d lost.

Here’s the thing though – even though I had lost all that weight – I still didn’t FEEL any better. I still had no energy and, to be honest, I really couldn’t even tell I’d lost the weight. Then, last October, the Lord put something in my path. I know that it was no accident – or coincidence – it was DEFITNITELY put there by God. It was something that had the possiblity of helping me feel better and I KNEW this because He introduced me to someone personally that it had helped. Well, we tried to talk by phone a few times and get together about it but it just never seemed to work out – maybe it just wasn’t exactly the right time. Maybe He just wanted me to know someone that had already experienced it so that when it was introduced to me again, and it was the right time, I’d be willing to try. That’s what happened. The second time this was introduced to me was, again, most DEFINITELY because of the Lord. I don’t have time or space to go into all the details so you’ll just have to trust me on this one 🙂

The “something” that was put in my path is called Advocare. It is new to me but, apparently, has been around for a while. As I said, the three people that I know personally have seen great results from using these products. Another one, that I don’t know personally but one of the people I know does, was a diabetic before he started using Advocare in January. Now, his doctor has him off ALL his medicine because he is no longer diabetic! Whlie I don’t have any issues like that, I am ready to feel better. I’m tired of having no energy to do anything and just feeling “blah” all the time!

So, I received my products Wednesday night. I spoke with my sponsor, Tracy Sexton, (or maybe he’s my co-sponsor – I’m not sure – lol) Anyway, last night he went over everything with me and helped me understand how to use the products and I told him I was planning to start Saturday morning. Since the first ten days is an herbal “cleanse” I wanted to be sure I was at home in case I get an upset stomach. For those of you who know me well, you know how easy that is to happen to me! LOL (Tracy assured me that it should be fine but understood where I was coming from since I’ve always been so easy to have stomach problems.) After the 10-day herbal cleanse, there are still 14 days left of the 24-day challenge where the food choices are not quite as limited as the first 10 days but are still somewhat limited as to what you eat and when – really have to try to stick to a time-frame plan.

And that’s where the enemy started attacking today! he knows I’m already nervous about this and so he started trying to make things happen so that I’d put it off another day. Then, he tried to make me feel bad because he has me thinking that I may have upset a co-worker (explain later) so maybe I should just forget it all together!

BUT I’M ON TO hIS LIES AND I’M NOT GOING TO LISTEN TO THEM!!!! Did it get me a little bit? Yes. Did it upset me and make me cry? Yes. But then I realized what was going on and I said NO!!!!!!!! I WILL NOT LISTEN ANYMORE!!!! I’M DOING THIS BECAUSE I AM READY TO FEEL BETTER SO I CAN DO WHAT GOD HAS PLANNED FOR ME TO DO!!!!

First thing he tried: The person who was supposed to be in charge of the church cleaning in the morning can’t be there. So, I’m gonna have to be charge person this week. I refused to let that one do it – I solved it by getting in touch with everyone and we are going to clean TONIGHT!!! So there! Take that! 🙂

Second thing he tried: Our District Manager recently retired and we finally found out today that we will be having his Retirement Lunch on July 19. Well, I realize now that will be Day 24 of my 24-day challenge so it may not even be that much of an issue after all. However, before I realized that, I asked a co-worker if she thought anyone would be upset if I took my own food to eat and I think that made her feel bad. (That’s what the enemy was whispering in my ear anyway, “You never should have said anything to her. See? People are just gonna be upset that you can’t just ‘go along’. Why do you have to do this anyway? Just keep doing like you always have and don’t upset everyone.”)

And that’s when I realized that he was just using MY FEAR of a new eating lifestyle to keep me from doing it! Of course he doesn’t want me to do it! If I start feeling better then I’ll feel like doing more of the things God asks me to do! Of course he doesn’t want me to do it! If I start feeling better (like the others I know who’ve done this have) then more people will see that THEY can feel better, too, and THEY might try it one day! And on and on.

I’m sharing this so that everyone will know where I’m at. Is this going to be a challenge for me? YOU BET!!!! Is it something I think I can do? OF COURSE!!!! Why? Because I know in my heart of hearts that my Father introduced me to these products and I know that HE will be right there with me giving me strength. Are there gonna be days when I want to quit? I don’t know – it’s possible, especially during the first few days – but, I’m praying that God will give me whatever I need to make it through the first days. Then, when I begin to see the results of feeling better, I believe it will be even eaiser to make the right choices.I would appreciate everyone’s prayers, too, because I KNOW that it DEFINITELY makes a difference! (I could also use some encouragement along the way – especially at the beginning – LOL)

Thank you for “listening” as I pour out my heart to you. You are all my dear friends and I love you each and every one!

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