Posted on: July 4, 2011

I did it! I drank the LAST, awful, fiber drink for this 10-day cleanse this morning!!! I must admit, I had to pray through every single one that I had to drink. The ONLY way I was able to drink them and keep them down was because of Jesus helping me. I know this because I have a very weak stomach.

This morning as I was preparing to ‘gulp’ down the last one, I was praying as usual. But I suddenly prayed something I had not prayed the other days. I found myself praying, “Lord, help me drink the last bitter cup of this stuff and I’ll be done.” And as soon as I prayed those words, it hit me and I began to weep as I realized that the bitter cup I was about to drink was NOTHING compared to the bitter cup that He drank for me!

And, wouldn’t you know that as soon as I realized that, the enemy hissed ‘Yes, but He only drank it once’ – to which my Father replied, ‘But, had it required more than once, I would have drank it as many times as I had to in order to give eternal life to My darling daughter.’

I know that He would, too! Which made me question myself, ‘How many times DO I make Him drink that bitter cup?’ Every time that I reject any of His promises? When I choose not to believe what He tells me in His Word, do I cause Him to drink that bitter cup again? It breaks my heart to think of this but I feel it is something I need to reflect on and meditate on over the next few days….weeks…..months…..

I would love to hear what you think about this. I know that Jesus doesn’t actually, PHYSICALLY go to the cross every time – ONCE was all it took to give us our freedom, if we accept it – but I’m speaking figuratively and I think most will understand that. Is the pain the same to Him when we don’t allow His Word to be truth to our very marrow? How many times must I inflict this pain on Him before I get it?


2 Responses to "MY BITTER CUP?"

Wow….I’ve never thought about that passage in that way before. Of all the things I’m likely to “overeat”, bitter is NEVER one of them. To think that our Lord did that willingly for me makes me stop and think. I may have to look at my eating in a entirely different way now.
Great post – keep writing.


Thank you for your encouragement – it is appreciated 🙂

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