Posted on: November 12, 2011

If you are from Alabama, one thing you are very familiar with is: Roll Tide or War Eagle? It may come at you in a gazillion different ways, but no matter how it’s worded, it all means the same thing – are you an Alabama fan or an Auburn fan? How do you choose? Do you really have a ‘connection’ to either school? Is it simply that your entire family was just ALWAYS Alabama fans or Auburn fans? Maybe you grew up in a house where some were for Alabama and some were for Auburn. How do you decide?

In our house, Daddy loved Paul “Bear” Bryant so we were (and mostly still are) Alabama fans. It was always a fun day when Alabama and Auburn played the “Iron Bowl” because it usually meant we were all gathered around the television watching and having a good time – especially if Alabama was winning! When Bear Bryant retired in 1982, Daddy said it wasn’t the same anymore. He said there’ll never be another coach like Bear but he continued to support his Alabama team anyway and it was fun just to be able to watch the games with him, whether we won or lost.

Recent events (which you’ll know later in the post) had me remembering one year in particular – though I didn’t know what year it was. I just remembered a picture I had taken of my cubicle decorations at work that year. When I finally found the picture yesterday, I saw that I had written the date it was taken – November 27, 1991 – which means that was the last Iron Bowl I got to watch with my Daddy. He went to Heaven in January 1992. After that, it just wasn’t much fun watching the games anymore and I really didn’t even care who won. I was still an Alabama fan but it just really didn’t matter to me anymore. I never got as excited about watching after Daddy was gone.

Fast forward a few years and my daughter makes a new friend at school in fourth grade. A friend who just happens to be an Auburn fan. So, my daughter decides that she is an Auburn fan, too and says that one day she wants to go to college there.

Fast forward a few more years and my daughter has graduated from high school (2004). No, she did not go to Auburn. She did go one semester to AUM (Auburn University in Montgomery) right after graduation. She figured that was as close as she could get to what she called “the real thing”. But, financially, she just couldn’t keep attending there. Many twists, turns and a few years later, she found herself back at home and attending Faulkner State Community College where she graduated this past May, Summa Cum Laude!

If you knew her ‘life story’ you would know what a HUGE accomplishment this was. Just so you know how God LOVES to show off and bless His children: My daughter  is now attending the “school of her dreams”, Auburn University. and has absolutely fallen in love with “everything Auburn” – the town, the school and last, but most certainly not least, Aubie! Her excitement has been SO contagious that I find myself getting caught up in it once again.

Yes, I still love the Crimson Tide and I cheer them on any time they’re playing; but, this year when the Iron Bowl is played, I will have to be cheering for those Auburn Tigers, win or lose, because now I have a ‘connection’ with that school. I am an Auburn Mom!

And that is the story of how I went from having a cubicle decorated like this on November 27, 1991:


to having a car decked out like this today:

(Not to mention a daughter that is having the time of her life enjoying God’s blessing)


6 Responses to "ALABAMA OR AUBURN?"

Your daughter is absolutely beautiful and you have a right to be a proud Auburn Mom!!! I have often said I don’t really care which team wins unless we’re talking about my son’s team! Since he started playing football, I’ve become a football mom! Just goes to show, we care about what we are invested in – and we are invested in our kids!

Aw, thank you, Donna for your lovely compliment about Jessica (my daughter). I totally understand and agree with you on the caring about what we are invested in – our kids 🙂

Wow Kathryn you have a gift with words! How precious God is to His children (even in something like a football game).
So for you I’ll say “War Eagle”

Awww – thanks Beverly! You are too sweet 🙂

I love you, mommy!!!! 😀

I love you, too, sweetie 🙂

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