Posted on: January 3, 2013

If you ‘follow’ (or have subscribed to) my blog, I need some information from you. I added a new page this morning called “Journey to a Wedding”. I created this page as a place to share my weight loss journey with anyone wanting to ‘come alongside me’ to encourage me along the way. I also created it to help keep the spot for my regular posts from getting bogged down – hope that made sense.

Anyway, I said all that to ask you each this question – I know you receive an email when I make a new post and I was wondering if it also sent an email when I created the new page or when I add posts to that page. I ask because my goal is to be adding to the new page on a daily basis, which could mean an awful lot of emails in your inbox, IF that is how it works.

I added another entry to the page mostly as a test to see if it would send an email – Sooooooo, if y’all would please leave a comment below to let me know if you received emails about those two things, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks 🙂



I did not get the Journey to a Wedding, tho I did receive this one via e-mail.

I to am trying to lose weight. I signed up yesterday at the fitness center where I work to try. I will have diabetes soon if i don’t make changes. I also have arthritis of my knees probably from my weight and sometimes have trouble getting up. I am at 224. I’d be glad to follow you on this journey.

Jan – thank you for letting me know. I’m glad I will be able to do my ‘journal’ this way and not have to worry about it flooding everyone’s inbox! LOL

You can do this Jan! Signing up at the fitness center is a huge step! I would be glad to come alongside you, too, and encourage you along your journey. Are you sharing it on your blog – or anywhere? If so, let me know where I can keep up with you, too. As long as we remember to keep our focus on God, He will give us everything we need to make it through.

Love ya!

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