Posted on: November 22, 2014


Now let me explain how God took care of Objection #4 and what happened afterward.

A few weeks prior to the retreat, God orchestrated it so I had a chance to sit and talk with the person I felt I was ‘betraying’, if I went on this retreat. I found that situation had been resolved and, in fact, had really just been a total miscommunication of information, which left me feeling MUCH better for that situation. However, it still left me with one objection – my weakest objection – that ever-so-simple yet ever-so-crippling “fear of rejection”. Yes, I know it should not be something I am still battling, but it does still rear its ugly head from time to time – and sometimes when I’m not even truly aware of it. I was not looking forward to riding the bus with a lot of ladies that I really didn’t know and I was getting fearful about sharing a room with a complete stranger. 

I prayed and prayed and asked others to pray for and with me about this. I know God heard and answered those prayers because He put too many different women in my path, at totally different times, telling me what a good time I was going to have. A few days before the retreat, I actually started to feel like I was getting a TEENY bit excited about it. Although, I would be lying if I said I was totally excited and ready to go. To be honest, I think I still just wanted God to change His mind and allow me to stay home, where I would be “comfortable”; but I was also okay with going, if He said I needed to go. 

I believe God honored my obedience to His invitation to attend this retreat before I even got to the retreat. The day before we were to leave, a very good friend sent me a text to let me know she was going on the retreat, too. She does not attend this church and I had actually already been told by someone else that she would be attending, but she didn’t know that when she sent the text. I found out she was driving her vehicle and no one was riding with her so I said, “Well, we can’t have you riding all by yourself. I guess I’ll just have to ride with you. LOL” So, God allowed me to go without having to ride the bus! He just loves me that much 🙂 

When we arrived at the site of the retreat, we checked in and got our room assignments. We  FINALLY located my room, and I said I was going to put my stuff down and would meet her back at the central room (where most everything took place). When I got to my room and went to put the key in, I realized the door was already open. I thought, “Okay, here we go. Time to meet someone new and pray we will be good roommates.” I pushed open the door to find…….

Be sure to come back for Part III to see what I found when I opened that door.

May I also add this was the most challenging blog I have ever in my life posted. Why? Because I posted this while riding in the car and that sun makes it awfully hard to see my computer screen and see where my cursor is – LOL


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Hurry up!. I’m loving this.

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