Posted on: March 20, 2015

I was reminded, yet again, of this blog I wrote back in 2007. I had no idea it had been that long since this had happened to me because it is still so fresh in my memory. I still can not let myself use this word to describe anything, unless I am talking about something God has done or talking about God Himself. I decided to share it here so y’all can read it and let me know what you think about it. I originally posted it on a website that no longer exists.

Thursday, February 22, 2007
AWESOME – Really? Are you sure?

Wanted to share something with everyone tonight that the Lord put on my heart a while back. The way I use the word “Awesome”. Now, please read everything I have to say here and don’t get your back all “bowed up” and get mad – I’m just sharing what the Lord spoke to MY heart – no one else’s. But I just wonder if some out there may be like me and never really stopped to think about it. I know I hadn’t until one day I was saying something was “Awesome” and man – I felt my spirit quicken immediately!!! It was like “Really? That’s awesome? Are you sure? Do you realize that you talk about what an ‘AWESOME’ God you serve and how ‘AWESOME’ God is? Do you realize that you are now saying this thing you just called awesome must be as good as God? WHOA! Did THAT ever get my attention! Now, I’m gonna be honest – as I always try to be – I have slipped a couple of times and caught myself saying or about to say something or someone is ‘Awesome’, but then I remember what I felt in my spirit that day and I immediately change it. It’s easy to change when I’m online and typing but it’s harder to catch myself sometimes when I’m actually talking. But I’m getting better about it. It really quickened my spirit to think that I would give anyone or anything down here on this earth the same status that I give my Lord and Savior! My Father! He is truly AWESOME!

Anyway, just thought some of you might want to think about that – it’s really scary to me how flippant I seem to be sometimes when talking about my Father. I am really trying to become more conscious of this – Yes! He loves us! Yes! He cares about us! But He is still, after all, GOD! And He deserves more respect than anyone or anything that I know on this earth.

What do y’all think?

Love y’all,


7 Responses to "REMEMBERING “AWESOME”"

I totally agree…He has quickened this in my spirit as well… : )

Thank you, Angie 🙂

You know what? I have had these same thoughts. Praise the Lord! I didn’t know anyone else had ever thought this. Thanks for writing this blog. I certainly do agree with what you said.

Thank you! I thought I was the only one – LOL

What about saying what God has made is ‘awesome’? Such as a beautiful water fall or a beautiful sunset? God has made these things. He and only He can make these things. Why would they not be awesome? I see birds of many different colors and they colors go together so well and the bird sings such a sweet song. Why isn’t that awesome? God created it!

Oh yes! I most definitely agree with you on that! I was speaking more of myself using the word awesome “off-handedly”, I guess you could call it. Such as to say, ‘Oh these cookies are awesome!’ or something like that. I also said this was my own, personal conviction and that I was not saying it was wrong for anyone else to use the word any way they want. I was simply sharing why I don’t throw the word awesome around like I used to 🙂

I agree Kathryn,
I have found myself cringing when ever I hear or read people use that word flippantly too. It is the problem with ‘fashionable’ words. They get their real meaning sucked right out of them and replaced with a corrupted meaning. Have you noticed that trend?
I may be wrong but I cannot think of a single example of a word change which has not had some immoral change to it. either by calling something sinful ‘good’ (like ‘wicked’ applied to something the speaker admires), or something bad or ordinary exalted to a level which ought to be reserved for those who truly earn it (like ‘awesome’, as you have pointed out, or ‘gay’ or ‘fabulous’ or even the plethora of OMG type expressions.
Why can’t we call things what they are?
Because Paul wrote to Timothy that in the last days people would be lovers of self rather than lovers of God and that good would be called evil and evil good. It is one of the signs that the return of Christ is near.
So stand firm to your convictions, sister!
(From a Spiritual sibling in New Zealand)

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