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When you have a second child, does it mean you love the first child any less? Of course not!

Now, before anyone’s imagination starts running too wild, let me assure you all, I am most definitely not having a second child – not in the way you may be thinking anyway 😊 I have, however, been struggling with a decision for a few weeks now.

Most of you know I am a Thirty-One Independent Consultant and, if you read this blog, you know how I struggled with that decision. Well, the same way I felt the “pull” to Thirty-One, I have been feeling a pull to another company for quite a while now and I feel I got my definitive answer this past Sunday at church. Most of you also know I struggle with whether or not I’m hearing from God on some things. This is where I need to give a little bit of a “back story”. My husband and I listen to a few different messages from different pastors on Sunday mornings while getting ready for church. The past few Sunday mornings, the station has talked about a book on “Hearing the Voice of God” and I thought to myself, “I need to look that book up and order it to see if it would help me”. Now, back to this past Sunday morning. I heard that book advertised again and made a “mental” note to myself to check into it and see how much it cost.

Sunday, a week ago, Sara (our teacher) told us her daughter-in-law, Jocelyn, would be speaking to us the next Sunday (March 19th) in Sunday School and she would be speaking on the gift of hospitality. I was ready to hear about that because I don’t seem to have that gift – at all! LOL However, when she got up to speak, she told us she had been wrestling with the Holy Spirit because she felt the Holy Spirit was speaking to her to change her message and she was like “Oh no, I’ve got this. I’m speaking on hospitality. I know all about this and I’m good”. Until Saturday night. She said Saturday night she knew she had to change her message. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather when she said she was going to be speaking on “Hearing God’s Voice”! I wish I could share her entire message, but I can’t. I will share what is relevant to the new journey I am now on. As I said earlier, I had been struggling with this decision for a while and God, through Jocelyn, spoke clearly to me Sunday morning. A couple of things she brought out: 3 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice and 3 Mental Barriers to Hearing God’s Voice. One of the keys was Desire – I’m not waiting on God, He’s waiting on me! When He puts a desire in me, something that just won’t leave me alone, I have to choose to move forward in it and keep “carving”, keep digging it out to see what happens. One of the mental barriers was Fear. Being afraid of being disappointed or not being ‘successful’. BOOM! I KNEW I was the reason she had to change her message and I KNEW God was speaking directly to me, through her. Then, to reinforce His message to me, He spoke something else into my Spirit while I was resting after church. That is when I heard, “When you have a second child, does it mean you love the first child any less? Of course not!” He was assuring me it was okay and I can love BOTH my journeys equally!

I KNOW God set me FREE of all my fears last October; but, I was allowing fear of failure to “creep” back in a little. I am now shutting that door again and will continue to slam it shut every day, every second, if necessary, because I have been reminded I AM NO LONGER A SLAVE TO FEAR!

So, I started my new journey with Keep Collective yesterday by enrolling as a Designer and I can not wait to see where God is wanting to take me on this journey! He gave me a turtle as a representation of my journey with Thirty-One – He used (and is using) Thirty-One as a tool to bring me out of my shell – and now He is telling me to KEEP believing on my additional journey with Keep Collective!

I realize this may mean nothing to most of you reading this; but, I write these things mostly so I can look back later on and remember how and why I got started on these journeys and how God worked through others to help get me where I am. All I ever really want is to move along the path HE has set before me, giving HIM all the honor, praise and glory along the way, for I know, without HIM, I can do NOTHING! However, WITH HIM, I can do anything He calls me to do – and SO CAN YOU! DON’T BE A SLAVE TO FEAR – MOVE FORWARD WITH GOD!

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