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Something I’ve never done before is share my testimony. I would like to do that now and I would also like to share why I believe I have never given it before.

I don’t really remember exactly how old I was but I do remember that I asked Jesus into my heart. I can remember where I was and who I was with – I even remember asking the person next to me if she wanted to go with me – I just can’t remember exactly how old I was. Somewhere around 13 or 14, I think. Anyway, fast forward to Thursday, July 20, 2006.

It was a truly wonderful thing – the most wonderful experience that I can EVER remember. I finished my Bible study a little early that night so I went in my room and I just imagined myself climbing up in my Father’s lap (now I KNOW I’m a big lady, but when I approach my Father I am as a child). Anyway, I just said a little prayer, “Father, I want to forget about ALL the junk of today and all that’s on my mind. I just want to sit in Your lap and listen to whatever You might want to say to me. I’m just gonna rest my head on Your shoulder and listen.” And before long, the most amazing thing happened – it was like He was telling me, “I love you”. And I was just listening to see what else He wanted to tell me – and a few minutes later, I felt it again – “I love you” and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I know you love me’ and I kept listening. Again – “I LOVE YOU” a little louder this time. But, not louder as in “You’re not listening”, more like, “You’re listening but you aren’t HEARING – you don’t get it – I LOVE YOU – no matter what – I LOVE YOU – YOU ARE MY CHILD.”

Well, needless to say, I had started crying – tears of joy I guess you’d call it – just a soft cry, then as I started feeling His love more and more I was just weeping. Now, my poor cats didn’t know WHAT to think, but I couldn’t help it – I couldn’t stop weeping in the realization of His love. But I finally started to “calm down” a bit and I was like “Okay, Lord, I know you love me – I get it – really I do – now, I’m just gonna rest my head on Your shoulder a little longer and see if You want to tell me anything else.” And I just rested on His shoulder for a minute or two and then – I kid you not, I am SERIOUS – I heard Him say “I love you”. But it was softer this time and it was as if He gave a little chuckle as soon as He said it and then I let out a chuckle. And that was it…for the next few minutes I just laughed harder and harder and I know He was laughing with me! Now my cats REALLY didn’t know what to think – but, again, I couldn’t help it – I just couldn’t quit laughing. Then, finally the laughter subsided and I just rested my head on His shoulder a little longer and just enjoyed a few quiet moments with Him.

Then, I had to get up so I could start working on the church bulletin for the next Sunday. Because of my experience that night, I was going to put the words to the song “Jesus Loves Me” in the bulletin but the Lord had a different idea – I started typing “Jesus loves me, this I KNOW” but then the Lord gave me these words:

Jesus loves me
Not just because
The Bible told me so

Jesus loves me
Because HE told me
As He held my hand

Jesus loves me
No matter what
It’s not Him
But ME that forgot

And so for the next couple of weeks I mostly continued on as I had been, except that I now felt loved like I’d never felt before. Just like that, I finally got it and it was so wonderful. But I didn’t realize that was just the beginning.

On Saturday, August 12 I had just finished reviewing my second week of our Bible Study. This study is helping me so much. Let me share the prayer that I prayed at the end of that week’s study because the prayer says it all.

Lord, Thank You again for this Bible Study. When we first started I remember saying, “I’ll never be able to do that” – but look at what You have done! I feel closer to You than I ever have and I am finding myself wanting to spend more and more time with You in Your Word. It’s like I’ve known You all these years and thought of You as a good friend but now I’m realizing how much You love me and how much I love You and it is so WONDERFUL! Please continue in the days and weeks to come to reveal to me the things You want me to see and to know. I’m open to whatever it is You have in store for me. Your loving daughter

I’m telling you – it’s just like a new love – you know, how you always want to be with that person and spend all the time you can with them. That’s how I’m feeling now. Even on days that I’m not feeling so great and not necessarily happy by worldly standards, I still feel that love and He sees me through. I just know that He has something truly wonderful for me out there but could never give it to me before because until I realized that He loved me I wouldn’t have been open to whatever He has in store for me. I truly am now. I love Him with all my heart, mind and soul and I am now ready for Him to use me to serve and bless others.

You see, I believe the reason I never gave my testimony before was in the prayer from last Saturday morning. I feel it’s because, even though I had invited Him in all those years ago, I really just thought of Him as a friend but I now realize He is so much more than that.

My prayer is that, if you don’t know Jesus as your personal Savior, don’t put it off anymore. He loves you – He died on the cross for you and He wants to come and live in your heart. He wants you to be in Heaven with Him when it’s all said and done. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re the smartest person on earth or the dumbest – all you have to know is John 3:16 – then ask Him to forgive your sins and come into your heart and He will. He will guide you from there. He will guide you to new Christian friends and to the church where He wants you to be a part – not just to go and sit on a pew – but to ACTIVELY serve Him and bring others to Him. And, if you need someone to talk to about your walk with the Lord and you just feel like there isn’t anyone you can call on – then call on me and, if I can’t help you, I’ll help you find someone that can.

JESUS LOVES YOU!!!!! HE DIED FOR YOU!!!!!! If you had been the ONLY person on this earth, He would have died for you!

As Anne Graham Lotz pointed out in the first week of our Bible study – He is the Savior who has redeemed me, the Lord who rules my life, The King who will return for me and He is the most important man in the UNIVERSE! He is the God man. Jesus Christ is THE MOST IMPORTANT MAN IN THE UNIVERSE FOR EVER and EVER and EVER and the most important man in ALL the universe for EVER and EVER and EVER thinks that YOU are so important that He gave His own blood to redeem you. He gave His life for you. How can you feel unimportant? You are significant to THE MOST IMPORTANT MAN IN ALL THE UNIVERSE.

UPDATE: God introduced me to a wonderful, Godly man in 2010. I had no idea He had introduced me to the man who would become my husband on December 2, 2013. We have been married almost 3 years now (I am writing this 09-08-16) and every day my husband is such an example of how God loves me unconditionally! I will never know or understand why God wants to bless me so much, but I am thankful every day that He does!

7 Responses to "MY TESTIMONY"

Yes, you are loved by an amazing God. Often I need to be reminded of that. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for sharing your testimony, Kathryn! Love you!!

You’re welcome! Love you, too!

Beautiful story!

Thank you for taking the time to read it, Kelli. I’m looking forward to meeting you next week at She Speaks 🙂

Thanks for sharing your story! Your site looks great to me…. but I know nothing except it appeals to me….. looking forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks!

Thank you – that means a lot to me 🙂 I’m looking forward to meeting you, too 🙂

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