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07-21-20 - AUNT SUEDay 21 of my birthMONTH celebration finds me remembering someone who was very special to me when I was young. This lady was like a second mother to me for a few, short years. We didn’t live very close to her, so I didn’t get to see her very often, but what an impact she made in the little time I did get to spend with her.

My Aunt Sue was married to my Daddy’s brother, Uncle Vernon. Aunt Sue was a super-sweet and loving lady. I loved it when we would go visit them. I liked seeing my cousin, Genia. She was the only girl of Uncle Vernon and Aunt Sue’s children; the others were boys. Aunt Sue was a very gentle, soft-spoken woman, but she knew how to get a point across and people listened to her.

I don’t really remember a lot of specific times spent with Aunt Sue, probably because I was so young. Other than what I shared above, the one thing I remember about Aunt Sue was finding out that she had something called Rheumatoid Arthritis. Now there may have been other things, I don’t remember (or possibly I never knew about), but I do remember the fingers on her hands beginning to draw up. I don’t even remember if I was in my teen years (but I think I was in my early teens, say 13 or 14) when Aunt Sue taught me about something that I had never been taught about before. I really didn’t like learning this particular lesson, but it’s one we all have to learn at some point in our lives, I guess. Aunt Sue taught me about death ☹ She was the first person I ever loved that I remember dying. Hers was the first funeral I ever remember attending. I couldn’t tell you today anything about that funeral except that I was extremely sad and not just for me – I was so sad for Genia! I’m sure I was sad for her brothers and Uncle Vernon, too, but I only remember being sad for Genia. Aunt Sue was such a wonderful lady, Aunt and Mom! She definitely left a legacy of love for her family, but her death really took a toll on my uncle and cousins. One thing I remember about Aunt Sue’s funeral was a song that was sung – it was her favorite song and, for a long time after her funeral, I hated that song. I hated it because it reminded me of my aunt that had left us, in my young mind, way too early! I hated it because it reminded me that my cousin, Genia, didn’t have her Mom anymore.

Somehow, as the years went by and I got older, I guess I came to realize it wasn’t the song I hated all that time – it was the fact it reminded me I could no longer see Aunt Sue and that made me sad. Y’all know the “titles” I’ve been giving to these posts? I never know what the title is going to be until I start writing and, sometimes, I’m completely done before I go back through and figure out what title would suit that post. Today’s post had the title before I even started writing. Aunt Sue’s favorite song and the one it took me years to be able to love and sing again is the title of this post, “Precious Memories”. You see, I DO have precious memories of Aunt Sue. If you’ve never heard the song, here’s Alan Jackson singing it and here are the words to it:


SIDE NOTE: We didn’t visit Uncle Vernon much (that I remember) after Aunt Sue moved to Heaven and I pretty much lost all contact with Genia.

BONUS: Thanks to Facebook, I was able to reconnect with Genia a few years ago and it has been wonderful – I believe she has her Mother’s heart because I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t receive a beautiful Facebook message from her in the morning AND in the evening! She is definitely a sweetheart, just like her Mom was, and I am so thankful to have her back in my life – even if it is just on Facebook!

christmas-every-day-i-wishAfter reading my devotions this morning, as I do every morning, I began to write in my prayer journal. I say it has turned into more of my “thanksgiving journal” than my prayer journal because, most days, I’m simply thanking Him for various things. Lately, most of my actual prayers are not written – for a few different reasons. This morning, however, turned out to be a little different. Oh, it started out the same – my usual “Good morning Father! Thank You for waking me this morning” then I wrote the words “Christmas Eve” and, after that, I really didn’t even know what I was writing until I finished and read back over it. I felt I should share it and I hope it will touch at least one person’s heart and/or life. I am going to simply share exactly what is written in my journal:

Christmas Eve – the day before we celebrate the day of Your earthly birth – when You chose to put aside Your glory and Your Heavenly home to come and dwell among us AS one of us! My mind is hard-pressed to even BEGIN to comprehend the depth of Your love for ME! There are no words and, even if there were, I don’t know that I would be able to get them down on paper. I feel so inadequate and extremely unqualified to even try – so I pray and I ask You to help me live my life in a way that portrays and conveys what there are no words for – a love with no explanation – a love that can not be explained – a love that only You can give! I want my life to be a life that points others to You and honors You in a way no words can and a life that brings glory to Your Name! Without You, I am nothing and worth nothing; but, WITH YOU, I am unstoppable!

Help me to share the TRUE gift of Christmas every minute of my life – every second You give me breath; for I can not even take a breath without You filling my lungs with air! Help me to remember every day I have is a rare and precious gift FROM You and how I choose to use it is my gift TO You. I want to always be able to give You a lovely gift at the end of every day and, without Your help, even that isn’t possible.

My heart is truly overflowing this morning as I look back over this past year and remember all the wonderful “gifts” You have given me:

  • time spent with family & friends
  • growing love from & for my husband
  • a daughter making her way back to You
  • FREEDOM from my fears

and so many more! With You in my life, I truly can have Christmas every day, as can anyone else!

Thank You for all You have spoken to my heart this morning and, for all I have asked this morning, I ask it in the Precious, Holy Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! I love You 🙂

THE QUIET TIMEIt was Sunday morning, May 31, 2015. I always get up early to have my “quiet” time with the Lord. This works best for me, as husband and doggies are still sleeping and the house is nice and quiet.

I come quietly out of the bedroom, easing the door closed behind me, and walk as lightly and gingerly as possible through the living room, past the doggy crates, so as not to wake them, as I make my way to my office. Once safely inside, with the door closed behind me, I turn on the light and get my devotional book, Bible and prayer journal. I always read my short devotion and then proceed to start writing my prayer in my journal. Keep in mind, I am always striving to be as quiet as I can – even when shuffling the books around, so as not to wake the husband or doggies.

The morning of May 31st was no different – until I started writing in my prayer journal. Some years back, I began writing the time down when I start my prayer and, this particular morning, I can look back and see I started writing my prayer at 4:46 a.m. I didn’t need to wake my husband up until 6:00, so I knew I would be done in plenty of time. But God……….He had other plans for me that morning. My prayer started out normal as usual, just thanking Him for different things. As this was the morning my husband would be giving the message on Life Row (yes, the Chaplains call it Life Row, not Death Row), I also began praying for him and the service he would be involved in later. I wrote a fairly lengthy paragraph and realized I could not write anymore! I felt, in my own words, from my entry that morning, “my heart is about to burst open right now!” I had to put the pen down so I could just continue to pray and PRAISE Him without writing. That’s when it happened.

Stay tuned for Part II – coming tomorrow 🙂

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