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All day today I was joking that I threw myself in front of a bus this morning. I made comments like, “I threw myself in front of a bus this morning but I’m having a great day now” or “Considering I started the day by throwing myself in front of a bus, it’s going really good now”.

Of course, I was mostly trying to laugh it off and convince myself the pain wasn’t so bad. I mean, it really could have been a lot worse than it was. I was able to go back in the house, clean myself up and get out the door and go to work. So, you may be asking yourself,  “Why in the world did she throw herself in front of a bus?”

Here’s what really happened – someone was coming by my house this morning to pick up some merchandise she had ordered from me. When she arrived, she just pulled over on the opposite side of the road from where I was. I looked to see if I could cross the road and I saw a school bus coming but it was far enough away that I knew I had plenty of time to cross the street and give the lady her merchandise. I stepped out with my right foot (most likely a little ‘quicker’ than I would have if nothing had been coming) but, when I moved my left foot, it hit a hole instead of solid ground. The next thing I knew I was falling and the only thought in my head while I was falling was “Oh no! The bus is coming! I have to get up!” I truly wish I could see it on video because, in my mind, it had to be the funniest sight ever! All I can imagine is that, anyone who saw it, saw me hit the pavement and jump right back up as if I’d hit a trampoline!

I gave the lady her merchandise, assuring her I was fine and that I only had scraped knees and jammed fingers. I was trying to hurry up and get done and get back across the street (without falling this time) and get in my car so I could leave for work. Once inside my car, I made sure she had gone on and made sure the bus  – anyone that had witnessed “the spectacle” was gone – and I pulled my pants legs up to reveal two scraped, bloody knees. I knew I needed to go back inside and clean them up before I left for work, so I did. Right before leaving the house, I managed to post this on Facebook  (still trying to see the ‘humor’ in the situation instead of my embarrassment): Tupid hole! On the bright side, I’m sure I gave all the kids on that school bus a huge laugh for the day. OUCH! My fingers and knees hurt! Bring on the ibuprofen and let’s try this leaving for work thing one more time!

And so it went with me all day UNTIL I was taking my shower tonight. I was remembering the accident that happened yesterday right in the church driveway after church and how that lady had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. {She wound up being okay, though, and walked out of the hospital on her own to go home. 🙂 } Then something a friend posted on Facebook earlier today came to my mind – this was her post:

Did you hear Moses (Pastor Glenn Weber) talk yesterday at Grace Fellowship? He said, in 6 weeks ONLY, the people who loved and trusted God turned away! He told us to “stay on the road”, “dig into your Bible” and “seek God”. 6 weeks ????? I want to share what happened to me this morning. I went to get some eggs from dollar general. I was praising and thanking God for giving me courage yesterday and jamming to 88.5! On the road, by myself. As I made the turn with the yield sign ahead to the right, I made sure there was no traffic coming in the turn lane (on the highway). Still thanking the Lord, I looked up at the beautiful blue sky. Tickled like a kid, I delayed in looking….right in front of me was a 18 wheeler! I crossed the line, he blew the horn, my heart started racing and my thankful excitement changed into thankful to be alive. I swerved to the far right and noticed the long stretch of road ahead of me. The 6 week example of how easy God’s people forgot about His laws turned into a reality of a split second….how easily we can be gone. Hummm 6 weeks to 1 second…the reality of we don’t know what the future holds. But, God does. I’m so blessed to be alive, to cook breakfast, and pick my son up from school. Just thought I would share a little bit of my reality this morning. Have a good day everyone!

No, I did not remember her entire post. What came to my mind was how she mentioned our service yesterday and how, in an instant, her life could have been over today. I remembered how nervous she was yesterday morning about sharing part of ‘her story’ during the service and how God was able to get glory because she overcame her fear of speaking in front of people and shared. I thought, “Yeah, she made the enemy mad and he tried to take her out today.” THAT is when it clicked in my mind! Of course I had not “thrown myself in front of a bus” – I was THROWN in front of that bus! Instead of joking about it all day, like I had done, I should have been giving God the praise for having His angels there to jerk me right back up as quickly as they did. It made me start to wonder how many times I have “missed” giving Him glory because of my own embarassment in a situation. In fact, it made me realize that I had no reason to be embarrassed. Why should I be embarrassed because somebody pushed me onto the street? How many times has God rescued me from something and I’ve never taken the time to realize it was HIM that rescued me and never even bothered to thank Him for saving me?

I remember as I was back in the car this morning, getting ready to pull out and head to work – still crying like a baby – the thought went through my head, “Thank You, Father, for always being there for me. I don’t do half what I should for You and yet You are always right there when I need You, ever so faithful. Please forgive me.” Guess I should have thought on that some more and maybe it wouldn’t have taken me all day to realize what had happened this morning; but, I am thankful that He got through to me tonight and I am thankful that I have a way (this blog, Facebook and Twitter) to SHOUT to the world of how THE ENEMY TRIED TO DESTROY ME TODAY BUT GOD HAD A DIFFERENT PLAN! Do you remember me saying at the beginning that it must have looked like I jumped right back up “as if I’d hit a tramploline”? Maybe so, but I now KNOW how I got back up so quickly – I KNOW it was His angels that jerked me right back up and from this day forward I will give HIM all the praise, honor and glory for it!

How many people do you know that , as they get older, make comments such as “I’m not having a birthday this year” or “I’m not having anymore birthdays”? Really? I mean, seriously, do they even know what they’re saying when they speak those words? Oh sure, I know most people that say those things are ‘just kidding’ or trying to be funny, but, I am convinced that we need to be extremely careful with our words and what we speak over ourselves.

I am getting to know one lady (through Twitter, Facebook and some of her other friends) that I’d be willing to bet is more than excited to let you know that today is her birthday! Her name is Joanne Heim and she suffered a stroke on January 11 of this year. Oh the miracles that God has done in and through this woman! He is healing her in ways that are astounding the doctors and He is using her situation to bring others (including myself) even closer to Him and His plans for their lives. I haven’t personally heard of any yet, but I would not be surprised to find out that there are some who have come to know Him as their own, personal Savior because of what He has done in her life. Oh and her own testimony through it all is extraordinary! I can’t even begin to describe all the excitement that was felt in the “Twitterverse” on Feb. 22 when our sweet Joanne started tweeting to us!!! Yes, just a little over a month after what she’d been through, here she was sending out tweets to everyone! God is not only good, He is THE Physician and I love watching Him show off through her.

So, even though I’ve never personally met her, I just know that our sweet Joanne is more than happy to shout from the rooftops that today is her birthday and she is very happy to be here to celebrate! Also, she gets a very special present today – she will be moving from the hospital to rehab – one step closer to being home with her wonderful husband and girls!

If you have never heard of Joanne, you can check out her blog at – I guarantee you will be blessed beyond measure!

And, remember – when your birthday comes around this year – BE THANKFUL and CELEBRATE WITH JOY that God has given you another year 🙂

I signed up for a Twitter account on Dec. 29, 2008. I was invited to it by a former pastor. I was thinking, “What is Twitter?” but I signed up and hardly ever ‘tweeted for a while. Then more friends began getting on Twitter and I began using it more.

I’m not sure exactly when it started really ‘taking off’ but all of a sudden, it seemed like EVERYONE was ‘tweeting’. Then ‘famous’ people started tweeting. At first I didn’t ‘follow’ them but started finding some that I thought might be interesting to follow so I did. That has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

By following ‘famous’ people, I feel that God has taught me several things. First and foremost is that they are just ‘regular’ people, like me. Where once I tended to think of them as people that ‘have it all together’, it is much easier to realize that they go through struggles and hard times just as I do.

Another reason I decided to follow some of them is that they encourage me in my walk with the Lord. Yes, most of the ones I follow are Christians and I can’t tell you how many times they have posted a scripture or a quote or even shared a struggle they’re dealing with that has helped me just when I needed it. I have even met a wonderful friend by following Candace Cameron Bure (@candacecbure). In one of her tweets, she was speaking to someone she knows and what she said really touched me. I decided to check out the person she was talking to and am I ever glad I did. Because of that, I came to know a beautiful, delightful, young Christian lady, Mandy Young (@Mandy_Young). I went to her website,, and read her story and laughed and cried and knew this was someone I wanted to get to know, if possible. So, I followed her on Twitter and then added her as a friend on Facebook. I was so glad that I got to meet her at the EWomen Conference in Birmingham last year – she was a fellow volunteer. Her smile is so full of Jesus – I’m telling ya, He just oozes out of her and she doesn’t even have to say a word! If you’ve never heard of her, I strongly suggest that you check out her website and read her story. You WILL be inspired and touched, I guarantee it. If you’re not, you might want to check your pulse and be sure you’re still alive.  LOL

Tammy Trent (@tammytrent) is another one that encourages me. She and her best friend/ministry coordinator, Anita Rundell (@anitarundell) make me laugh a LOT but they also seem to post scriptures or insights just when I need that, too.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much Mandisa (@mandisaofficial) inspires me. Talk about someone that is genuine, honest and REAL – she is that and more! As most of you probably know, she struggles with her weight just like a lot of us do. But she not only shares her ‘good’ days, she shares her ‘not-so-good’ days as well. Just today, in fact, she told us how instead of getting her exercise in, she was “veggin all day” – just keepin’ it real with us, she said. It is so wonderful to see someone in her position being so open and honest. She is going to be one of Lysa TerKeurst’s guests on the Made to Crave live webcasts and I am so looking forward to that one!

By following Beth Moore (@BethMooreLPM), I learned about the SSMT. What is SSMT, you ask. I’d be glad and honored to tell you – Siesta Scripture Memory Team. This is a group – a HUGE group – of ladies that have committed to memorizing two scriptures per month. You can go to Beth’s blog at and get all the information about it. Maybe you will even decide to join us. This is my first time to ever attempt to memorize scripture and I am excited about it.

There are many others that touch my heart, too, but I will give you a list (along with their Twitter profile names) at the end of the blog (or see if there is a way that I can attach a list). That way, if you have a Twitter account and you don’t already follow them, you can find and follow them soon.

Some that I follow, I met because of volunteering at the EWomen Conferences. One very special lady, Beth Cleveland (@bethclev) is actually no longer with EWomen because God has moved her on to another chapter in her life. But I count it a huge privilege that He introduced her to me before moving her on. She loves the Lord with all her heart and you can tell it when you’re around her. Thanks to the EWomen Conferences, I have also been honored to meet Lindsay Fitz (@lindsaymfitz) and Mary Snyder (@MaryRSnyder). (More about Mary later)

Something that has me rather baffled, though, is some of the people who have ‘followed’ me. First of all, I wonder, “I don’t know this person. Why in the world would they be interested in following me?” Then I go check them out and find that they are a Sister in Christ and follow some of the people I do, so I figure that’s why they started following me. The thing that puzzles me about some of them is that, as I begin reading their tweets, I find that several of them have their own websites and are what I consider to be ‘true’ bloggers and, in some cases, even more. Leading me to ponder why God is putting me in touch with so many different women in that area. Mary Snyder (mentioned earlier) is just one such lady that I speak of. When I first came to know about Mary, I thought she simply did the blog for the EWomen Conferences. I could not have been more wrong! Through being her friend on facebook and following her on Twitter, I have learned that she seems to wear many hats and writes several different blogs. (Side note – she is also about to start writing a book!) When I think of all that she does it makes me wonder why I can’t even seem to write a simple little blog once a month or so. Oh and Mary is also going to be one of Lysa’s guests on her live webcast, on the January 31 episode – or should I say ‘webisode’?  I’m looking forward to that one, also.

As I said, I don’t know why God has put so many of these women in my path but I’m sure He will reveal the reason in His time, if I am to know. Maybe it’s just simply to pray for others. There are a lot of prayer requests that get posted and the most recent that comes to mind is for Joanne Heim. A lady I’d never heard of until I started seeing several posts requesting prayer for her. She had a stroke on her treadmill (if I’m remembering correctly on Jan. 11). I posted a prayer for her and through that I received yet another follower. Yes, another lady, Michelle Bentham (@michellebentham), that has her own website. And, in fact, just two hours ago (8:20 p.m. CST on Sunday, 01-16-11) posted on Twitter that, due to all the prayer that’s been tweeted this week, she has created another website devoted to scripture and prayer, WOW! It just blows me away to think of all the women that God is putting me in contact with.

So, there you have it – just a small number of reasons on why I follow the ‘famous’ people – I don’t even really think of them as famous. Would I like to meet them all in person one day? (The ones I haven’t already met) Sure, but not for the reasons that many of you may think. I would love to be able to meet them and talk about what the Lord has done in their life and my life and find out that we actually have a lot in common – HIS BLESSINGS! You see, we are all on the same ‘playing field’ in His eyes. There is not one that is more important than another. We just all have different things that He wants to accomplish through each of us and He has us exactly where we need to be in order to get His work done.

It thrills and amazes me to see some of the work He is doing through those that most of us think of as ‘unapproachable’. As I said at the beginning, we are all just people and I love that His true followers recognize that.

I know this was a long one so, if you hung in there and read it all, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I had a lot more I wanted to share because so many have touched my life with the words they have spoken (or tweeted, I guess I should say) but it would probably fill a book! And since I’m definitely NOT a writer, I just don’t even need to go there – LOL

I pray you enjoyed it and even that it touched YOUR heart in some way. May He bring you a blessing from it – even if that blessing is just that you will go learn about some of the people I mentioned. They will truly make an impact in your life and your thinking, in a positive way.

Please leave a comment here and let me know you visited – I’d love to see if anyone actually read it or not 🙂  Attached below is a list of some of the people you may want to look up on Twitter.


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