Posted on: December 27, 2010

I would like to tell you how I have felt for the last 25 years on the day after Christmas.

I guess I really had not thought much about this until yesterday when a friend posted on Facebook that the day after Christmas is so sad because it meant Christmas was over for another whole year! Twenty five years ago (Dec. 26, 1985) the day after Christmas became a very special day for me and someone that is very close to me. Why? Because that is the day we finally got to meet in person, face-to-face. I had loved this person for quite some time, had prayed for her even longer than that and she had been very close to me for quite a while, too. I nurtured her the best way I knew how, made sure the doctor cared for her and monitored her to be sure she was okay but I still couldn’t meet her – not yet. The time had to be just right. I was told I would probably get to meet her on Dec. 14 but it wasn’t to be. As time went on, I was beginning to wonder if we would even get to meet that year – but I knew God was in control of it all and I tried to be patient and wait on His timing.

As usual, His timing was perfect! Finally, at 2:03 a.m. on the day after Christmas in 1985 I got to meet my baby girl – Jessica Shawn Maree Kenney. She was just perfect – ten fingers, ten toes and some crazy PUNK hair! LOL  Yes, I’m serious. She had light brown hair and the prettiest little ‘punk’ streak of blonde! (Or was it the other way around?) Now, I have to go home and look at the pictures to remember! Hey, it HAS been twenty five years! LOL

All I know is, ever since that day, the day after Christmas has been a very special day for us. Some people would say, “Oh how awful! I bet you get birthday and Christmas presents all together. You get cheated.” But that was never the case. We always had a completely separate celebration for her birthday. True, because of the time of year, a lot of her friends (and even family) couldn’t always be there, but it didn’t matter. We always celebrated her birthday ON her birthday – complete with cake and presents wrapped in BIRTHDAY paper NOT Christmas paper – LOL

I have to say that a lot of days over the last twenty five years have been filled with tears for one reason or another but the joy that has filled the last twenty five years FAR outweighs the tears and makes it all worth it. She has grown in to a wonderful, young woman who loves the Lord and that is all that really matters. Maybe she doesn’t get every single thing right along the way – do any of us? I know I don’t!

So, I guess I have to disagree with you on this one, Mandy – the day after Christmas will forever be a wonderful day for me. How much sweeter can it get than celebrating my Savior’s birth one day and my baby girl’s the next?

If I don’t forget, I will try to post a “then” and “now” picture of her when I get home tonight.

I pray you all had a wonderful Christmas AND a wonderful day AFTER Christmas 🙂


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